• Hussain Choudhury

Shooting in College Green, Bristol - fashion shoot

Pre-lockdown shoot with Silvia, taken on a cloudy day in College Green, Bristol. This shot was taken on a 35mm 1.4 Sigma lens. One of my go to lenses, 35mm can be a bit tricky for portraits / fashion shoots, as you have to carefully consider the background.

But I love using this focal length as it allows a much more natural look, instead of a more cropped look in a classic portrait focal length of 50mm or 85mm. By using a 35mm lens I can capture a significantly more interesting outdoor portrait, locating the subject within a space, gives more depth to the photo, and adds a possible story to the photo,

Shooting outdoors also provides a fluid environment, in a bust city such as Bristol each shoot is different, as well as the changing light, dealing with pedestrians and general city business adds to the shoot experience and the energy in the images.